Many people have asked me why I started My Path Unwinding Travel. After all, I am a busy mom of two with a thriving private practice in forensic psychology. I am also an advocate for our public schools, maintaining a blog about local school issues ( Those things certainly keep me busy! But anybody who knows me knows I love to travel. In fact, I have often said that I work to support my travel habit. I love talking with anybody and everybody about their travel plans. I get excited for families planning a cruise, and I jump in when someone is planning a Disney vacation. I’ve traveled extensively, cruise constantly, and always have my next Disney trip on the calendar. I already spend my time dreaming, researching and sharing ideas and information with others.

Over the last year, I chatted with a friend about her upcoming cruise on the Disney Dream. I was super excited for her, and I was eager to give her all the tips and tricks I could to make sure she would have a magical cruise. When I love something and have a great experience, I want others to love it too! Shortly before her cruise, my friend mentioned that her travel agent had not been at all informative and could not answer her questions. She lamented that she wished she had booked her cruise with me. I was surprised that she thought I was a travel agent. Yet it planted a seed that quickly took root.

I put my research, business, and networking skills to use and started an independent travel agency, My Path Unwinding Travel, LLC. The business name was inspired from "The Circle of Life," a song I have sung to my children for many years. There really is more to see than can ever be seen, but I want to see as much as I can whenever I can! As a completely independent agency, I am able to focus on the personal connections that travel inspires. Connecting with you so you can connect with your partner, children, family, and friends on your vacation.

This new project has already been so much fun and brought me so much joy. I simply love chatting it up with friends old and new as we dream together about our next trips and reminisce about our experiences. I hope you will join me on The Path Unwinding.


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