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Our Travel Experts

Karen Shelton, Owner, My Path Unwinding Travel

Karen Shelton is the owner of My Path Unwinding Travel and the administrator of Disney Deluxe, a Facebook group for luxury Disney Destinations.

Our Independent Travel Agents

Nicole Stefano

Nicole wears many hats – wife, mom, teacher, coach and travel planner.  She enjoys traveling with her family experiencing different cultures and the many beauties of the Earth.  Her love for travel came from her mom, who is still her traveling buddy. Nicole specializes in Disney vacations, as it is one of her favorite places…

Kristen Green


Julie Pollock

I have always loved finding local places off the beaten path. Growing up in New England I was lucky to experience some amazing small towns with great food and people. As I became an adult I expanded my travel to different Islands. While I loved a tranquil beach and picturesque setting I found that I…

Suzanne Kostalnick

Suzanne Kostalnick discovered her passion for travel at a young age—living abroad in places like Indonesia and the UK with her family. Now, as a mom, educator and entrepreneur living in California, Suzanne continues to foster her love of travel. With her husband and three daughters, Suzanne has traveled to the Caribbean, Europe, and Hawaii time and time again. Her…

Anne Fitzgerald

Four years ago I traded in my suits and heels for jeans and Keens and haven’t looked back. I love to travel and explore with my two favorite sidekicks and have parlayed that into a wonderful business. Not only am I an avid fan of Disney, but I love to travel to many destinations.  Where…