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Hi Disney fans! My name is Emily Inch and I love Disney! My mom got me started with Disney when I was barely a year old when she went to Walt Disney World for her first time. I have been to Disney 4 times and on 4 Disney cruises. I am now 9 years old. In this blog, I am going to write about my Disney cruises and what I saw and experienced. Come along with me!

Cruise #1: Disney Wonder December 3-6, 2009 (3-night Bahamian)

My first Disney cruise was on the Disney Wonder in 2009 in December 3-6. I was only 4 years old. The ship was beautifully decorated for Christmas. After they announced the “Inch family,” I was blown away by the enormous Christmas tree and the garland that swept up the main atrium staircase.

Castaway Cay ChristmasThe next thing I noticed was the Arial statue in atrium. Each ship has their own statue. After eating lunch and checking out our room and participating in the mandatory muster drill, we headed to the Sail Away Party. All the characters were there and we danced to fun music as we left Port Canaveral. The ship even had its own musical horn.

I had a great time on the Mickey slide. It was not scary at all! Other parts of the ship I loved that were fun for me were the Oceanears Club and all the cool restaurants. There was so much to do in the Oceanears Club to keep me busy. I never wanted to leave. Make sure you are potty trained or they will not let you stay!

Later on in our cruise, we had a Pirate Deck Party. This is when the characters all come out on the deck dressed in pirate costumes and dance. There are amazing fireworks too that play with the music. I didn’t know to dress like a pirate but I knew for our next cruise!Donald and Daisy

I must have been really cute because I was selected to participate in the VIP Meet and Greet before the “’Till We Meet Again” party. I got a special card signed by the captain on my door and was formally invited to the gathering. I did not know what was going on. I dressed in my favorite Christmas dress. One at a time, the characters came out. It was so magical! After the gathering, it was time for the farewell. I cried. It was a happy, but sad ending. I didn’t want to go home. My mommy and daddy booked another cruise when we got home. I had something to look forward to!

Emily is currently 9 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC. She enjoys traveling, cheerleading, gymnastics, art, singing and dancing. She has three pets she really loves (a long-haired Dotson named Buster, a Russian Gray cat named Jasmine, and a tuxedo cat named Lily). All three are named after Disney friends and family. She is also featured as the Dancing Cruise Girl!