10 Reasons to Choose

Adventures by Disney Costa Rica

by Leah Shelton

You probably already know all about the perks of an Adventures by Disney vacation; no driving, no planning, and no stress. The guides are incredible storytellers, catering to every member of your family whether they are age 8 or 80. Now that you’ve decided to book an ABD for your next trip, here are 10 unique reasons to choose Adventures by Disney Costa Rica.


1. The Wildlife

Where else can you take a casual boat ride and see three baby monkeys climbing on its mother’s back? Or a sloth sleeping up high in a tree? The variety of wildlife you will see is overwhelming. The ABD Costa Rica local guides are so knowledgeable about the animals that live there, but even more amazing than hearing facts is being able to observe them living in their natural habitat.

Adventures by Disney Costa Rica

We watched a bird slap a fish that was just a little too large on a rock, over and over again.


Adventures by Disney Costa Rica monkeys

Just hanging out.


Sloths are a rare sight, but luckily our guides pointed this one out to us.

Adventures by Disney Costa Rica quote

2. Find out how pineapples REALLY grow

And fun fact: it’s not on trees. The pineapple farm was one of the many hidden treasures on this trip. We got the full experience of seeing where the pineapples grow to where they are processed, and we even got to try some! (Adventures by Disney Costa Rica now visits the Chocolate Rainforest instead of the pineapple plantation!) 

3. Chocolate-covered coffee beans

Seriously. You won’t be able to get enough. Buy five bags to bring home for your friends (or yourself).

4. Plenty of thrill…

From rafting on the Sarapiquí River to zip-lining above the treetops of Arenal National Park, this trip is a thrill-seeker’s dream. And because you’re on an Adventures by Disney, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of these activities are Disney-approved and completely safe. However, there are always alternative options for those who are less adventurous.

Our guide made the “macho men” do all the work so that the “beautiful ladies” could relax and enjoy the ride.


The terrifying yet exciting moment right before he lets go.

5. …and relaxation

So many ABD’s feel like a marathon, packing in so many activities that you may feel like you need another vacation when it’s over. Adventures by Disney Costa Rica provides the perfect balance, with plenty of pool time, a rejuvenating trip to the hot springs, and a private catamaran excursion to make sure you go home with a tan (or a sunburn).

Adventures by Disney Costa Rica hotels

One of the pools at our hotel in San Jose, the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel.


Adventures by Disney Costa Rica

The Ectotermales Hot Springs, heated by the Arenal volcano.


The view from the back of the catamaran in Guanacaste.

6. Costa Rican Sunsets

The picture speaks for itself.

7. The food

Challenge your concept of what constitutes breakfast food (trust me, beans and rice is a delicious way to start your day), become spoiled with the most delicious fruit you’ve ever tasted, and trade in the Heinz for Lazano sauce, or “Costa Rican ketchup.” On this Adventures by Disney, you will really get a taste for Costa Rican culture through the variety of food that is both flavorful and fresh.

The fresh seafood was such a treat.


Rice is a staple at every meal.

8. The stunning variety of landscapes

For such a tiny country, Costa Rica has a TON of geographic diversity. In under 20,000 square miles, you will see the rainforest and the desert, mountains and the beach. Costa Rica has it all.

The Arenal Volcano.


The gondola taken to the top of the zip-lining location in Arenal National Park.


The desert provides a stunning contrast to the ocean in Guanacaste.

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9. The El Mangroove Hotel

Do yourself a favor and extend your vacation to spend a few more nights at this hotel. It was seriously the best part of the whole trip. The resort is covered in lush greenery, which provides a beautiful backdrop to the rectangular swimming pool. Hang out in the tiki hut bar, unwind in the spa, walk directly onto the resort’s private beach, or just take a nap in your very own in-room hammock.

El Mangroove Hotel, Costa Rica hotels, Adventures by Disney Costa Rica

10. ¡Pura Vida!

This Costa Rican saying literally translates to “pure life,” and embodies the country’s carefree attitude that you can feel as soon as you step off the plane. After all, they were named one of the happiest countries in the world. What better place for a vacation?


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